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    • Hanuman Mural in Sydney Bahai Centre
    • Sydney was extraordinarily fortunate to have Sadgurudeva twice this year. First visit in January to have a tour of the Sydney opera house and the main visit in April for the series of spectacular events starting with Kriya Yoga, Hanuman Jayanti, Bhajan session, Yoga postures & chant of Hanuman Chalisa with Sadgurudeva on the steps of Sydney opera house and the most spectacular Australia Nada Sagara in the magnificent Sydney Opera House on 6th April, the memorable evening boat cruise on sydney harbor with Appaji, visit to blue mountains and featherdale park. As Appaji walked to the stage for Hanuman Jayanti, Appaji seemed to be awe-struck by the huge painting of "Dhyanastha Hanuman" as the back drop for Sri Chakra Puja & Hanuman Jayanti Puja. DYC Australia organizer Manjunath Kolar informed Appaji that it was the supremely talented Murali from Melbourne who had done this painting. My memory flew to the previous Australia concerts of Appaji in Melbourne where Murali's creative talent was in full flow on the stage. He had created an entire Karnataka temple scene on the stage. Then too Appaji had liberally praised Murali. The ever humble he is, cringed in devotion while he listened to Appaji's praise. We always see Appaji swarmed around with very highly talented artists from various fields. On many occasions, the back drop or the impeccable surroundings around Appaji attenuate the sublimity or the supremeness of the feeling. But, Appaji always praises a word or two on the artists who create that special mood. In this beautiful picture we see Appaji at the "Dhyana" hands of Hanuman. As if Hanuman is saying ..... "My "Prasadam" to this world is - APPAJI. It indeed is true. Jai Hanuman and Jai Appaji.
  • Post by:  Mr Chintamani Prasad, Datta peetam, Mysore
    • Life like Paintings
    • The pictures you painted was excellent and liked by both Swamiji's. They remembered you and have sent their blessings to you. Paintings are looking very natural and has real life in it. All devotees came from overseas loved it. Another highlight of the program was the big Hanuman painting that we displayed on Pooja day. Balaswamiji loved it and again many appreciations from all attendees. Good on you and keep up the good work. Thanks for all your help and appreciate your hard work in completing the paintings on time.

      Lakshmi and Manjunath,
      DYC, Australia
  • Post by:  DYC Australia
    • Stage looked Awesome
    • The stage looked awesome. we got so many good comments on it. Thank you so much, you helped in making the event go smoothly.
  • Post by:  Kavita and Anand
    • Feature of our Home
    • We have displayed this painting on the main wall and it has become a loved feature of our home. Blessed to have this painting adorne our wall. Thank you.
  • Post by:  Usha and Gautam
    • Sangeetha Kalanidhi SR
    • Superb Paintings Murali
  • Post by:  Sridhar Chari
    • Sangeetha Kalanidhi TVS
    • Murali, your work is fantastic.. You've captured them both so well. Kudos to you!
  • Post by:  Geetha Chari
    • Life is beautiful
    • So much details, even the skin tone s captured well..Amazing..
  • Post by:  Sangeetha
    • KSN portrait
    • Murali, thank you very much for such a wonderful portrait!
  • Post by:  Ramnath Iyer
    • Veena maestro Sri KS Narayanaswamy
    • Great work Murali. Very very realistic !
  • Post by:  Gopinath Iyer
  • First Impression
  • "Our first impression of a visit to Murali's studio was one of disbelief
    that this far corner of Australia could hide such treasures as met our eyes.
    Paintings of all sizes, of various subjects, in different stages of
    completion and in such a variety of hues - bright, subtle, single colour
    creations, typical Indian multi-colour canvas art - were literally strewn
    across the rooms in a freewheeling display. We not only found an ideal gift
    for a good friend but Murali gave us interesting framing ideas and was
    generous with his time in getting the gift ready in short order. Sale or no
    sale, a visit to Shristi is highly recommended as a balm to the soul."

    Kind regards,
    Atchyuta (Achut) Kumar Bommakanti

    Post by:  Mr Bommakanti